Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Marshfield

5 rating

I really enjoyed my experience at the Sport Clips in Marshfield. Very friendly staff, great haircut and I really liked the hot steamed towels. I will go back again for the MVP experience.

1 rating

First time customer and a walk-in. Was left sitting in nearly empty waiting area for 10-15 minutes waiting for a stylist or manager to simply say 'who's next' which never happened. This while the stylists who were finished prior customers stood around and chatted and then cleaned/vacuumed up the floor while I was sitting there in plain sight. Hard to imagine that they thought that I was just there just to catch the football game playing on TV. It wasn't until I asked WTF I had to do to get a haircut that I was told that I had to sign in which required personal details beyond just my first name that I wasn't willing to surrender. In the end, my haircut was rushed and felt fairly incomplete...I suspect because I hadn't opted for the MVP treatment. Mostly clipper and quick scissor and '...yer done, hun'. Never even wet my hair, didn't show me her work on back with mirror. I'm not one who either has or takes the time to write reviews but this was the worst haircut experience I've ever had and I felt compelled to rate it quite poorly.

1 rating

First experience at Sports Clips was positive. I held onto the stylist's card to make future appointment. I called early in the day,a Monday, to make an appointment later same day. I was told no appointments taken walk-in service only. Great... get to shop two people waiting and two stylists working. Signed in and sat waiting for my turn. After 40 minutes stylist looks at sign in sheet, asks "who's this" and rudely loudly announces I can't take you I'm completely booked. I reply that I called early to make appointment and was told no appointments walkin service only. The stylist raised her voice and said her other clients would be coming in later and she was completely booked. Raising your voice and embarrassing a customer who offered you repeat business is worse than poor service. Super Cuts across the street has courteous front desk personnel and my son got a better haircut for less money.

Rated 2.3 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews