HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Marshfield

1 rating

Your people are untrained with scissors and have no sense of how to style. She only wanted to use clippers. She didn’t know enough to cut my hair when it’s clean. Had to tell her to wash it before she cot it after I had wore a hard hat all day

5 rating

Great hair and overall experience. The staff are great and I really enjoyed my MVP sport themed atmosphere. I will be going back for my next haircut.

2 rating

I feel bad giving only a 2 star rating, because my other experience here was 5-star. But my last experience was bad enough to make me want to find someplace else to go. This is pertaining to just one stylist there, and I'm hoping I can simply avoid her. My needs are very simple. I want my hair cut the same way I've done it my entire life. Regular men's cut with a part on the side. That's what I told her. She got into it and started chatting non-stop, which isn't really my thing. But whatever. Then she asked if I wanted the MVP treatment. I told her no, I did not. She stepped back with a dropped jaw as though I'd just told her I was a terrorist. "You don't want the MVP treatment?" "No." After she regained her composure from this shock, she continued with my hair. A while later, she tried again with the MVP treatment. Again, the look of disbelief when I told her that I absolutely did NOT want it. When she was nearing completion, she asked if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed. No. Again, step back, jaw drop, shocked look. My eyebrows trimmed? Isn't that a little girly - something you do right after shaving your legs? I'm 65 years old. My eyebrows are just fine, thank you. As she was finishing, she was combing my hair straight back. I figured that this was just part of her process. Then she asked me what I thought. I told her I'd need to comb it first. Once I combed it with the part that I asked for, I could see that it looked really odd. I considered asking her to fix it, but she smelled heavily of cigarette smoke, and I was anxious to get away.

Rated 2.7 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews